Press Release: The Reliant Yachts Commuter 40

Home-Page-2Reliant Yachts’ most recent launch, the Commuter 40, joins seven other Reliant power boats, including a 43, 50 and 60 express; and a 50, 60, 75 and 93 motoryacht (Reliant also has a full line of sailing yachts). While each boat is different – every owner has great leeway on layout and configuration – all share common traits: craftsmanship, attention to detail, and performance. “The owner works with the entire team from day one in the building process. There is a special relationship that forms throughout, right up to the launch and christening. It’s quite meaningful for everybody,” explains Jim Ewing, who along with partner David MacFarlane (they previously worked together at Alden Yachts) formed Reliant in 2015.

The new Commuter 40 exemplifies Reliant Yachts’ commitment to a standard of excellence in the tradition of MacFarlane and Ewing’s collaboration at Alden. “We paid a great deal of attention to scale and proportion, which is a pre-condition to any quality design. From the relationship of the cabin house to the amount of freeboard, the size of the foredeck, the roof overhangs, and the rake of the windshield, nothing is by chance,” states Ewing. “It is our overriding philosophy that every build will be treated with the attention of a custom yacht, yet the price point will remain competitive with many production yachts.”

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