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H2O Yacht Co. Celebrates Innovative Buyer-Friendly Approach to Yacht Sales That’s Shaking Up Industry and Helping Fund Great Causes

Most yacht sales companies are stuck in their ways, and in the opinion of many, don’t often look after a buyer’s interests. The young brokerage H2O Yacht Co. may be the exception to the rule. The company recently celebrated the success of their unique approach – using sailors to sell yachts instead of salespeople, putting transparency and integrity first and even donating funds from sales to worthy charities.

August 10, 2016

For many people, buying a yacht certainly represents something of a milestone in their lives and even for those where it doesn’t it’s still a significant investment. Of course, this brings with it a certain expectation to be treated in an honest and upfront way by the yacht sales industry, something which is certainly not always the case. Enter the innovative, forward-thinking yacht brokerage H2O Yacht Co., who have dedicated themselves to a completely different approach to yacht sales, based on integrity, deep knowledge of sailing and giving back to their extended communities. The company recently celebrated the success of this approach, recommitting to it with even more dedication.

“H2O Yacht Co. is driven by sailors, not salesmen,” commented Paul Triporo, founder of the brokerage. “We are all licensed yacht crew/sailors who understand these boats inside and out. While many brokerages bring people on for their strength as salesmen, our integrity is much more important than that. We want to be sure when a customer comes to us; they are going to receive good, honest advice and guidance from a knowledgeable member or members of our team with the goal of them ending up with the perfect yacht for their needs. “Up-selling” and things like that aren’t part of our equation. Boating is our passion, and this is far from just a business to us. We are striving to change this part of the yacht world for the better.”

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